Your workshop and your operation deserve the best software

Mecánica MX is here to make your life easy because we really know your needs.

Control all your process from estimates, post sales, to the operation and productivity of your entire organization.

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Using small functions you can achieve great things!

Zero installations Any device

Intuitive and fast

The easiest system to use for you and your users, in a matter of minutes you can start to have order in your administration.

Forget about old and complex systems

It takes you by the hand to create your service orders and budgets

It suggests you send satisfaction surveys, appointments, collections, etc.

Do you know how to use FaceBook? then you know how to use Mecánica MX

After sales Loyalty

More Income

Do not leave your income to your memory and your notebook. We have different tools that will allow you to significantly improve the profitability of your workshop.

Customer Loyalty

Know your debtor customers

Receive billing reminders

Automate your service appointments

Monetize your after-sales with your same customers

Users Tasks Reminders

Total Control

Do not lose track of your customers, services, inventory, purchases, sales, expenses, budgets and payments.

Customer Management and Work Orders

Assign tasks and measure the productivity of your employees

Receive service reminders

Send customer service surveys

Know automatically the parts or products that you should buy

Public Profile Impressions


Your work as a workshop is unquestionably professional, but who likes that as a client they write down the tasks and budgets of our car on a napkin?

Mobile App

Your customers can follow up on their services, quotes, reminders and more.


Print budgets, service sheets, acceptance of conformity, all with the logo of your workshop.

Public Profile

With your public profile, service and monitoring surveys show your customers that you invest in tools to give them a better service

Indicators Reports Analysis

Relevant information

Get extremely easy, relevant information about your users, frequent customers, customer rating,

Know important information about your customers' history

Meet debtor customers, frequent customers and the most profitable

Use that information for decision making

Public Profile Impressions

Spare parts

New spare parts module. You and your warehouse managers will love it.

Catalog the products for your services

Filter and export excel to make purchase orders

Add fully customizable tags

Do not let productivity and efficiency decrease due to lack of material

Why we do it?

We believe that with technology and innovation we can make life and operation of the workshops easier and directly impact the service they give to their customers. That is why we create Mecánica MX, a 100% tool set designed for workshops, which facilitates and improves your daily operation and generates a better relationship and service for your customers.

Start every day feeling
calmed and in control

These are only some of the modules that our customers like the most

Public Profile

Capture more customers with this powerful tool.

Customer App

Give your frequent customers the best digital service.

Service Tracking

Focus on the important thing and not on informing the client.

How does it work

Enjoying the best tool for workshops is quite simple.


Sign up

Choose one of our plans and try it for free for 30 days.


Make your payment

At the end of the 30-day trial you can make your payment by many available means


Train yourself

Ask for our free advice to get the most out of all the software



Enjoy the satisfaction and facilities that Mecánica MX brings to your business. Start to see how everything works.

Customer Comments

Many customers trust MX Mechanics as a platform for their mechanical workshops.

Frequent questions

We give you some questions you might have.

- Is my information safe?

Totally! We handle information encryption standards in database and in all communications point-to-point.

- I live in a country that is not Mexico, does the application work for my workshop?

Of course! Mecánica MX works anywhere that has internet access.

- How many computers can I install the program?

You can use Mecánica MX on as many devices as you need. Being an application on the internet, you do not need to do any installation, nor do you require any software installed on your computer. Simply Internet

- How do I make the payment?

We have several options such as debit card, credit, payments by paypal, transfer and OXXO.

- Is there a demo account?

You can try Mecánica MX for free for 15 days. We are sure that if you want to improve as a workshop, you will love Mecánica MX and fit your needs.

- What happens if you no longer want to use the software?

Nothing happens, our plans have no forced contract period. When you want to stop using it, just let us know and voila.


We have plans that adapt to any size of workshop.
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Mecánica MX

The tool that will make your life easy, will take your mechanical workshop to the next level and help generate more income.

Customers App

Allow your frequent customers to have a first level digital approach and monitoring of your services.

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